Book Memory Laps(e)

Pour Girls 1If you would like to book Memory Laps(e) for your venue, party or event (and we know you do), contact Mark Lentz (Memory Laps(e) guitarist, vocalist, band eye candy). You can contact him via email at or by phone (Mobile: 717-682-9465; Home 717-426-4907).

Memory Laps(e) actively promotes our performances (and your venue) through the Memory Laps(e) Facebook Page, the Upcoming Performances page of this website, and the event listings on

Be sure to check out our Music page, our About page, and our list of Current Songs to give you a better idea of what we are about. We are probably not the band to be playing at son’s 1st birthday party or your grandmother’s wake (although, if she liked her rock loud, we’d be the perfect band!).

Here are some Youtube videos of past Memory Laps(e) performances:
Day Tripper
Gold on the Ceiling
Locomotive Breath

Memory Laps(e) is proud to be listed at

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